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Lubricating and Shooting Tips

A few tips about our lubricants -
Dragon liquid DRALOX:

This is an easy lubricant to use and it can be applied in minutes to hundreds of bullets.
It is the ideal lubricating solution for the shooter that wants to spend more time shooting than lubricating his or her bullets. This lubricant coats the entire bullet with a soft gold smooth varnish type finish once dried.

Another option of utilizing this lube is by pouring some of it into a shallow cup and simply dip the base of the bullet, then set on a sheet of wax paper to dry. Any leftover lube in the cup can be poured back into the bottle.
This method will coat the bullet up to your desired depth or groove and will prevent lube on the nose of the bullet.
If the bottle is stored in a very cold environment the content may stiffen and thicken up. A way to get it back to its runny state is to warm the bottle up on some hot water, do not try to heat it up with an open flame.

Also, A few customers have been even stretching out the lubricant even more by diluting it with mineral spirits but it does give it a thinner consistency.

Our stick bullet lubricants:

When ordering you would need to select solid or hollow lube sticks since we do carry the solid variety that fits the star lube sizer and the hollow type that fits most sizers like RCBS, Lyman etc’.

Our black powder lube was designed with the cowboy action shooter in mind but it is not limited to that. Our black powder lube will perform very well at low velocity in smokeless powder as well.
This bullet lubricant is all natural and does not contain any petroleum products. Our black powder lube helps to keep fouling to a minimum and the fouling that is there is soft and easy to clean.
We carry the classic 50/50 NRA formula which has been a standard for many years beeswax and Dralox.
This lube will cover about 90% of all your shooting needs we do have a stiffer version of the 50/50 which can be pushed to higher pressure.

Our most popular seller is our red dragon which has been nicknamed magnum lube. This lube is firm and may need a bit of heat to apply. It is all 100% natural and contains carnauba wax which helps keep the bore nice and shiny. This lube is able to withstand magnum handguns and rifle pressure.

Happy shoote’n

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